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"There's a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot." 

-Steven Wright

It is pretty overwhelming trying to choose a fly fishing outfitter in Montana, but certain criteria that potential customers should consider important in their search for a perfect guide should include integrity, honesty, flexibility, professionalism, and a passion to see smiles on the client's faces. In addition, all of us in the Long Outfitting family are passionate about protecting our natural resources, teaching first timers the sport of fly fishing, and are addicted to enjoying as much time as possible in the outdoors with our clients in the beautiful region of the Rocky Mountains that we call home.


Long Outfitting has been offering fishing expeditions in Montana and Yellowstone National Park since 1997. After logging thousands of guide days on the area waters, our guides have a great understanding of what can make a successful guide day and what does not. Trout just don't jump into the boat, and the weather and wind don't always cooperate, but with that being said, all of us are on the water to help you catch fish, have a fun and enjoyable time, and offer instruction to improve your techniques.


We are situated in a location in Montana that offers clients the chance to fish many different types of water that quite often the question comes up, "What river do you want to fish today?" Some outfitters schedule the destination of their trips well in advance, and that is fine with private and limited access water, but we love to make last minute decisions on where you will be fishing. It is nice to look at wind, water, and weather conditions and get our clients on a piece of water that will work best with the conditions that mother nature has dealt for the day of your guide trip.


Since our beginning, we have always strived at not just meeting, but exceeding our client's expectations. Our relationship and endorsement with Orvis, has given our clients a chance to review our services and have them posted on the Orvis website. Based on these reviews, Long Outfitting has been the Orvis endorsed guide service of the year for 2003, 2004, and 2015. We are the only 3 time Orvis endorsed winner of any of the endorsement categories of this prestigious award which we are incredibly grateful for. Check out what our clients are saying, and give us a call to book a trip. We look forward to guiding your fly fishing adventure of a lifetime. 

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